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Packaged Software

All Intech application packages are developed in-house by our highly experienced and specialist programming team.


Priority is placed on the on-going enhancement of existing systems and the development of new applications.  Package enhancements initiated by Intech are made available to all clients in future software releases as per their Monthly Support Agreement or as part of their annual software upgrade.

Custom Software

In addition to the development of software packages for selected markets Intech carries out custom software development as required.


A client may also request a special feature be added to a standard package.  In situations where the requested modification is an enhancement that would be of benefit to other users the development cost may be discounted and the enhancement made available to all users of the package.  Modifications to packages are done in such a way that integrity of the application is maintained and are retained for future upgrades.  Each package has a series of special options which allow the client to tailor the operation of the application to meet their particular requirements.


Integration with various third party software products is available on request.


Electronic interfaces are available for:

  • Courier/freight systems

  • Export to banking systems (direct credit and direct debit)

  • Import from banking systems (bank reconciliations)

  • Weighbridge systems

  • Customer card systems

  • Third party systems

  • EDI applications (import and export)

  • Other applications (e.g., tax packages, P.O.S. systems)

  • Microsoft Power BI online analytics



The Intech EDI application is a powerful software tool that provides electronic data transfer capabilities between businesses.  For example, EDI links between suppliers, customers and freight companies allow for the electronic exchange of purchase orders, customer orders, packing slips, invoices, manifests and consignment information.  EDI is commonly used for batch integration.  Other tools and techniques are available for real-time integration with third party products.



There is a mandatory upgrade of each client’s software versions every year.  On the anniversary of a client’s initial installation the latest version of the software is required to be installed.  The major advantage of this approach is that all clients are running the most recent release version of each software application, ensuring software support and training is simplified.  It also means enhancements and updates to the applications can be made available to users in a timely manner.  Clients with a Monthly Support Agreement can elect to have more frequent upgrades.

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