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Keeping track of your Construction Projects

The fully integrated PYRAMID suite of software modules has been primarily developed to meet the project management and accounting requirements of organisations involved in mainstream and ancillary activities within the Construction Industry. It is appropriate for contractors, property developers, construction companies, local authorities, project managers, consulting engineers, builders and shopfitters.

Reporting is provided at various levels and in varying degrees of detail with the emphasis being on a philosophy of management by exception. Financial reporting is available on individual projects as well as in consolidated form. The system incorporates full accounting for retentions, progress claims, sub-contractor payments (including self billing invoices) and GST/VAT. Direct credit payment facilities are available for creditors and sub-contractors, cash requirements forecasting is provided and there is a comprehensive range of reports available to assist in the management of projects.

PYRAMID is comprised of a series of modules which are integrated by means of a common Transactions Entry system. This data well concept means that input documents do not have to be separated and data needs only to be keyed once. The system will then automatically generate the appropriate entries into the relevant modules.

PYRAMID-  software modules available for the system


PYRAMID- purpose built

Contract Costing Software

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