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e-COMMERCE - the power of connecting your Product data to your website

Intech’s e-COMMERCE software allows for seamless and real-time integration between your ‘live’ stock and customer data and your website.


You can control how you customers login and what level of data access they have

while browsing your website.


Some customers may only have inquiry access while others may be able to place

orders, view stock on hand or see their product pricing.


You can allow customers to review their past orders or account transactions as

well as accessing PDF copies of statements, invoices, credit notes or order



e-COMMERCE puts the power of decision making back in the customer’s hands. 

No longer do they need to contact your office to place an order or inquire about pricing or stock availability.


Contact us today to discuss how integrating one of Intech’s Inventory systems into your website is a smart business choice.

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e-COMMERCE  -  software modules available for integration

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